The DREAM in You!

Written By Stormi Steele - January 22 2019


March 12 2019

Thank you so much Stormi for your words of encouragement. I know in my heart as to what I want to do in the future but haven’t had the courage to go on and pursue it. I have prayed to God and asked him what to do but the difference in me is I hear God loud and clear on what I need to do . I just need to trust him that he will direct my past. I just have to listen. And your story is my Confirmatin to pursue my goal. Thanks.

Stormi Steele
January 28 2019

Thank you ladies soo much for reading my blog. My goal through my writing is to get to know each of you and you get to know me as well and encourage each other to chase our dreams relentlessly without fear! Im a bit bummed because I would like to reply to each of you individually, but I have to download another app in order to do so. But tomorrows Blog will be on and popping, I really want to get to know you all.

Also, as promised, I will alway choose a winner to receive a free CANVAS HAIR GROWTH SERUM from the comments, and in the future Ill choose more than one. This week’s winner is Chrish (

P.S. don’t be shocked if you get an email stating you’ve won because I randomly give items away everyday without announcement. There’s nothing better than a random surprise gift!

January 26 2019

I have followed you for so long and your Growth and determination has always been an inspiration to me. You are the type of woman that will carve the way for our young daughters to have the courage to follow their dreams too!! And women like me who start to feel like anything is possible if you work hard enough!! Keep pursuing your greatness!!! ❤️

Ashley Phillips
January 26 2019

You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing! 💕✝️

Keria moss
January 26 2019

You are such an amazing person. I love how your so encouraging.

January 25 2019

Thank you for everything you do! You’re amazing!

January 25 2019

You are true definition of a successful independent young woman . I have been using your products for a few weeks and I can honestly say that I am very sastified customer . You are such a inspiration, seeing your achievements let’s me know that all things are possible . Thank you Stormi . I pray God continues to bless you so that you will continue to bless others . #CanvasGirl #GOALdigger

Brittany Johnson
January 25 2019

I love following your journey, it’s such an inspiration!!! I pray you have much more success!! Black Girls Rock!!!!

January 25 2019

I’ve been watching you for some time now and I heard about you when you were in college from a friend about how well you did hair. I use your serum faithfully with the use of some other products. People usually ask me, “Is that your real hair?” and my comment is pretty much the same, “Yeah, I use canvas hair serum and etae deep conditioning.” It does wonders for my hair and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to have the chance to use it. My story is a bit like yours, I went to a certain college because I wanted to make my folks proud but turns out when I graduated, I didn’t want to be in that field. I knew my senior year but decided to finish. Now, I’m in school doing what I love to do (nursing) and by 30, I plan on having enough experience to go back and further my education to help more people.

January 25 2019

Wooow ! Thank you for sharing this !!! You have inspired me to pursue in my dreams and to take action!!! Thank you so so much for sharing your story this year is gonna be BIG !

lyric connie
January 25 2019

love love love what your doing you are such a success and a great inspiration to women and men

January 25 2019

I love to see a strong black woman being successful! Motivational and inspirational is what you are and your products are amazing!

Glenda Jackson
January 24 2019

Loving your products. You are such an inspiration. I have my sister using your products now # dreamgirl💕

January 24 2019

It’s crazy because I think I’m at the beginning stage of where you were in college. I feel crippled by my desire to find where I should be in this world, to find my place but I fear I’ll fall in the category or those who never will. It’s really quite depressing to be in this space but I still have some optimism. One day.

Alexis McCrary
January 24 2019

I truly love these products and happy that my cousin introduced them to me. The serum has made my daughter’s hair grow longer and made my edges stronger. I even ordered the serum for my mom who suffers from alopecia. She is seeing great results. I am truly inspired by Stormi’s success and her drive to help others succeed along the way. I can’t wait for my continued results and whatever opportunities that may arrive from using these products. I am ready to WIN! It’s easy to support a product that you truly believe in. Keep up the great work and continue to acknowledge God in all that you do!

Jessica C. Daniel
January 24 2019

Let me just say I’ve always admired your motivation and your spirit. It’s a good thing you followed your dream because your product has really help and not just speaking for myself I only just started using canvas beauty for two months and I love it. But my story (shorter version of the present) I’m a stylist of 9 years (not License) mostly braids, crochet, goddess locs etc… 3 months ago I felt I was just so tired of doing what I do best the only thing I’ve ever had going in my life as “job wise” I just started back 2 weeks ago because it came back to me my passion and live for it came back in my heart. After a family situation happened last week I woke up and said let me go to church even tho I was just to down to go… my aunt called me to the alter she’s a prophet and she told me a lot of things along with how I will be a successful woman and I no longer need to worry and to make that move that I’ve had on my mind for so long, wich is finally go to cosmetology school get license and start from there but I was super nervous. Then I saw your FB post and one part you said (failure to plan is planning to fail) So me and I’m pretty sure thousands of other women really appreciate the support you give your knowledge and honesty motivation you give to others YOU ARE EVERYTHING and stop with shaming your body even though you wanna tone and shape a little I still say it’s perfect💗. PS- Ever open a shop in Jackson, Ms or Housto, Tx I’ll be glad to apply as a stylist of yours one day

Jennifer Green
January 24 2019

Good evening!! You are truly an inspiration to all you come in contact with. Whether it be by reading your blog ,purchasing your products , or whatever the case may be. You give ladies something to look forward to strive for it’s truly amazing. I’ve even started on my dream and its working out very nicely thank you for all you do. In life good people are so hard to come by and I’m glad I’ve cross paths with you.

Bria Dukes
January 24 2019

You are such an inspiration to me & to others. You really blessed me during the holidays. I greatly appreciate any & everything you do. I hope to keep striving and keep pushing til you reach the top. You’re gonna reach the top ! You’re products have helped many and I hope you continue to do that as long as God sees fit.

Jessica Hamilton
January 24 2019

I don’t remember how I came across your Snapchat which lead be to your Facebook and instagram but I did. Here I sit reading your blog with tears. I have always felt my calling was to be a nurse, even went as far as going to school but I would never take the TEAS exam for fear of failing. I graduated with my associates in arts in May 2018 and told myself that was enough but I still felt empty. I went back and took my TEAS exam and failed but I didn’t give up I retook it and passed, applied for nursing school and was told I got put on an alternate list. My heart dropped and I felt I wasn’t going to get in anytime soon. Being an alt I had to show up for a mandatory meeting. I went to that meeting and was told that I was excepted into the program, of course I cried real tears and over joyed but realized school starts in 2 weeks to date and thought can’t I afford to spend this much money right here at Christmas. But God made a way for Christmas to happen and nursing school. Today as I just finished practicing for my first skills test feeling a little discouraged I decided to check my email and I see an email that says read my blog. I wasn’t because I said I should practice some more but something told me to go ahead. Your words reminded me why I am doing what I’m doing. I’m not going to give up and I’m going to get this skill down. Thank you for reminding me that I am following my calling and to not let fear replace my motivation. There is nothing but love for you in so many ways. I love your products, I love your personality and I love your ambition. Keep doing you and inspiring others to do them as well. God Bless you

Dominique Jones
January 24 2019

Your spirit is just as beautiful as you are ❤❤❤💖💖💖

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