The DREAM in You!

The DREAM in You!

Would you believe me if I told you each and every single one of us were put here for a specific purpose? And the unfortunate truth of it is that most of us will never fulfill that purpose. There are many reasons why this is so. Reasons such as fear, uncertainty of the future, learned behaviors, and a negative mindset are all common factors that can block us from reaching our highest self, but at any given moment we can combat those factors and change the course of our lives. That dream, that feeling in your gut that you can't stop thinking of is your purpose calling you and in honor of MLK day I encourage you to feed that dream a little bit, each and every day until it grows like a baby and gets bigger and bigger. So, GO FOR IT! Put actions behind your dreams without fear. After all, fear is not real. To help make the idea of this easier, let me give you a bit of backstory on myself.

I've always been a dreamer, but in the past I'd always allowed the opinion of others to dictate the course of my life. I went to college because my parents had that vision for me, even though my gut told me that I wouldn't find my purpose there. Yet, I went anyway because that was what was expected of me. The good thing is God always has a way of showing us a sign to nudge us back on track to our purpose, and the best thing in my situation was, I LISTENED. I was a junior in college with 23 hrs left to go and a 3.7 GPA when I chose to rock the title of college dropout. The closer I got to graduating, the more depressed I became. I was at the lowest point of my life, and literally a day away from taking my life. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was soo overwhelmed and felt completely out of options when I decided to pick up my bible. I can't remember the verse I read, but that night I went to sleep and had the most vivid dream ever, I knew i was suppose to be a hairstylist. I knew my business name and my mission statement. I woke up inspired and wrote it all down. Everything revealed to me in that dream was super clear. The only thing that was not revealed was the HOW, but deep down it didn't matter because that one dream brought me PEACE and gave me the edge I needed to step out on faith and make moves from the heart. I never looked backed after that day, and I knew no one could dictate my future but me. If I wanted to live my life fulfilled, I had to do what felt right.

A fire lit inside of me that night and it has been burning bright every since. Now, 10 years later, I'm able to retire from being a hairstylist at the age of 30 and be a full time entrepreneur, my products help thousands of women all over the world, I'm able to pour into other people financially and spiritually, and I get to do God's work everyday. It was all apart of God's purpose for me, and it was all always connected to that dream in my heart. But what if I had not have acted?? What would have happened? Where would I be? Would all the women who my products help have found a solution? I could literally ask a million questions to drive home the point of how important it is to act on your dreams! Your purpose is so much greater than YOU, and when you begin to act without fear and feed your dreams, you can change the world. So, DREAM GIRL and dream BIG. Anything you can image is real and this world needs you to reach your full potential! #dreamgirl  




Rose 2 days ago

Your story jst literally wake me am half asleep nut every single i have been praying an aske god for you just said my pupose i had been a stylist for our 14 years wonder away but its the one thing i do with the least amout of effort an enjoy it i need to know how can i be an ambassador for this brand i would love to join canvasbeauty brand with all things are possible am in the virginia beach area an know alot of ladies struggle in this area of there life please please let me know how can i be a partner or ambassador for this brand thnk you god bless

Japy 2 days ago

This is very inspiring Thank you so much for sharing your story.congragtation for your success. I find your prodact on the Facebook and i looked up on the website I ordered the serum I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get and order more if work for me and I know there will be a lot my family need that too

Stephania Alexis 3 days ago

Hello I purchased a serum growth and it said it was shipped since November 28 and received this tracking number November 29 and till today when I check the tracking number theres nothing on it except a pre-shipment label and would like to know the status of my order please 

Jemima Appiah 3 days ago

Please I want to know if a man can use it or if u have specific one for man too I want to get one for my husband

Angulah 5 days ago

I would like to know where and when will my products be arriving

Natalie Pacheco 6 days ago

Hi Stormi! I just received my order of the hair growth serum and today is my birthday so I am super excited to use it. I loved the packaging it arrived in. I have super thin and very fine hair so I’m praying it works to thicken my hair up. Your products have gotten nothing but great reviews so I have complete faith this is the answer to my prayers. I just wanted to say thank you for producing these wonderful products.

Lovie Levels 7 days ago

Are your products for natural hair only

Flecia Fletcher 7 days ago

My first time taking a leap and ordering online, i see how it go. I waste money on everything else, WHY not try this. Im ugly enough, cant nothing else hurt me.

dxtira k brown 8 days ago

Very Inspiring. I needed that!

COURTNEY 9 days ago

I would truly like to thank you for being so kind and for taking that leap of faith not just for yourself but for us. This is such a game changer! Love your products and you for sharing your creations!Lifetime customer!

Linda Burns 9 days ago

Your words really resignated with me. I was really touched. I needed that inspiration today and everyday

Jerri 9 days ago

I just ordered the product Hair Growth Serum….looking forward to the awesome results! Thank you!

THAIS EVANS 10 days ago

Hey Stormi, I ordered the shampoo conditioner and growth serum. My mom is going through Chemo and has lost her hair. I pray your product give me good results so that I can order her a bottle to boost her hair growth.

Tylesha 14 days ago

That’s an amazing story and testimony. Congratulations and may the Lord continue to reign on your prosperity. God bless.

Tarlease Mitcham November 30 2019

I’m proud of you Stormi for following your passion and purpose.

CBaby November 28 2019

Hi Stormie, I need to show you a picture of my hair cuz Ive tried everything but it still won’t grow. My hair is seriously alopecic How do I use the growth serum. My hair sure needs help cuz am really tired

Shaiane Brown November 26 2019

This product is awesome. Received it today. They actually came faster than I expected. I have a YouTube channel that I actually wanted to review the products on but I anted to test it out first.

Tamicah November 24 2019

I just ordered and I pray this is not a scam! I researched the product and even searched BBB. So, I’m going to keep it positive and prepare for an amazing change in my hair growth during this natural journey. God bless Mrs. Steele and others on this journey as well.

Rolanda martin November 14 2019

This is a scam do not order from these people I spent 75 dollars on product and have not received anything nor can you contact them no answered emails or phone calls SCAM!

Mo Betta November 10 2019

God has spiritually yoked us!!! Your story just gave me so much more confirmation🙏🏽🙌🏽 May God almighty continue to bless you with abundant overflowing blessings and prosperity my Sister 👑Queen!!! #BLESSEDTOBEABLESSINGTOOTHERS

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