BIG. NEWS. Introducing Canvas INNER CIRCLE VIP Membership & Subscriptions

BIG. NEWS. Introducing Canvas INNER CIRCLE VIP Membership & Subscriptions

CEO & Founder of Canvas Beauty Stormi here:

We're announcing BIG. NEWS. As of today, we're rolling out a brand new VIP Membership called the INNER CIRCLE with loads of perks and benefits for our Canvas Girls. Benefits include:

💖 Special Members-Only Discounts
💖 Elite Dedicated Customer Support
💖 Annual Birthday Gifts
💖 Early Access to New Products

My team and I have been working hard on setting this program up for our loyal customers, and I'm SO EXCITED to launch our INNER CIRCLE.


But the news doesn't stop there — We're also formally relaunching our SUBSCRIPTION plans for up to 30% off your favorite products.

Subscribing is hands-down, the best discount you can get on our products. With the only exception of our *NEW* Body Glaze, you can get 30% off products when scheduled for every 30 days, or 20% off when scheduled every 60 days. Subscribers can:

💖 Cancel your subscription at any time, for any reason
💖 Add on products to your next order, and manage your subscription through a new customer portal


And the best part is, all subscribers will automatically join our new INNER CIRCLE and get all VIP benefits above, for no additional cost. 

While we plan to expand the ability to join our INNER CIRCLE in the future, it is currently only available for all new and existing subscribers with one exception below:

In April, we'll ALSO be inviting our top 100 customers by amount spent (≈ $2,000 USD) into the program. You'll receive an email from our VIP team by end of April.


More on our INNER CIRLE Perks Below:

💖 Special Members-Only Discounts

INNER CIRCLE Members will enjoy special discounts and offers throughout the year. Please ensure you are subscribed to our email list to receive offers.

💖 Elite Dedicated Customer Support

All subscribers will have access to a special, dedicated INNER CIRCLE support email address for expedited service. This email is provided in subscription confirmation email.

**Please bear in mind, while our subscription offering is new, you may run into issues such as adding products onto your next order, or managing your subscription through our new subscription portal. Our INNER CIRCLE support will help you with any issue you may run into.**

💖 Annual Birthday Gifts

(Coming soon) — All subscribers will receive either a physical product or a gift card as a thank you for being a loyal INNER CIRCLE member.

💖 Early Access to New Products

INNER CIRCLE members will get special, invite only early access to new product drops and releases. 

💖 Exclusive Invites to Online Events (and in-person events in the future)

INNER CIRCLE members will get special, invite only access to webinars, including Zoom sessions, hosted by CEO & Founder Stormi Steele. Please ensure you are subscribed to our email list to receive invites.



THANK YOU FOR BEING A CANVAS GIRL. Leave a comment below if you have any questions

- xoxo
Stormi Steele
Founder & CEO, Canvas Beauty Brands


  • Denise Lewis on

    I discovered Canvas Beauty Brand in a fb hair group. I tried it and now I’m hooked. I have the pink set, the serums (both) the oils, the bonnet, the goat line, the rose facial oil, the scrubs. The list goes on. The newest product the body glaze is the best. I am forever hooked on these products. Love Canvas & Stormi 💖

  • Nekebra Dale on

    I love this. Stormi you are the best ❤️❤️❤️

  • Gloria Leflore on

    This is awesome….can’t wait❤❤

  • Michelle on

    Canvas is All That & More!!! Been using for 6yrs now and I’m ecstatic for u Sista! I would say a “quickening” concerning your brand☺️. Keep making yourself available to Him, for Him to use U as He wants… BTW, The GOAT, 🔥🔥🔥, really l like all the products though.

  • Marsha on

    I’m so Glad I have your products! My Hair has Grown A lot and So Thick , I’m Glad Canvas Products works for My Hair. I’m A Natural Hair Woman, and I Love It!! Canvas Products are Awesome!

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