Canvas Beauty Fragrance Scent Notes


One of our JUICIEST, sweetest, brightest scents yet. Think succulent, ripe, juicy fragrance that lingers, tempting your taste buds with this pure, sugary citrus bliss. It's a Grapefruit lovers dream. Bright, clean, fresh and juicy. Fruit-lovers rejoice! Scent Notes Top: Sun-Ripened Citrus, Fuzzy Peach Mid: Pink Grapefruit Blossoms, Black Currant, Rose Dry: Freshly Picked Raspberries, Sugared Musk, Vanilla



Nostalgia hits with this DREAM of a scent! It's giving Orange Sherbet, Orange Creamsicles and Cream Vanilla Candies. This sugary bliss brings back memories of devouring creamsicles on a hot summer day. The Perfect blend of creamy and citrus, this scent luxuriously unfolds with a rich, velvety creaminess. Scent notes: Top: Sweet Cream & Ripe Clementines Mid: orange sherbet & Freshly-Squeezed Orange Juice Dry: vanilla cream


Envelope your senses with a creamy and rich summertime treat! With a banana smell reminiscent of the bright yellow popsicles from days by the pool, this complex fragrance brings it home with swirls of whipped cream, coconut shreds, almond slices and flakey pie crust that cradles the velvety pudding goodness. Scent notes:  Top: Buttermilk, Toasted Almond Mid: Banana Custard, Flaky Pie Crust, Coconut CreamDry: Powdered Sugar, Tonka Bean


Oh she's SHARP in all the best ways! You can't help but think of bright and zesty limes and a creamy, dairy custard with that traditional, buttery, graham cracker crust. Made with cinnamon and clove oil, this luxurious Key Lime Pie fragrance nails the citrus treat, topped with a dollop of whipped cream, dusted with cinnamon sugar. Scent Notes: Top: Whipped Cream, Cinnamon Sugar Mid: Key Lime Zest, Graham Cracked Crust, Custard Dry: Vanilla Bean, Musk, Brown Sugar


She is JUICED up to the gods! Think of biting into the most overripe, sweet smelling, soft-skinned pear with it's juices overflowing. Take that, add in some bright green apple notes, some clean sugar cubes and you get The PERFECT Pear. Scent Notes: Top: Fresh Honeycrisp Apple Mid: Juicy Pear & Sweet Pea Dry:  Sugar Cubes, Fresh Vanilla Blossoms, Floral Musk


This one is such a summertime throwback to a classic Cucumber Melon combo! Think run-ripened, freshly cut cucumbers juiced with the most ripe, succulent cantaloupe. It has a wild water lily and violet flower undertone that smells like the most premium spa experience. All you need are the cucumber slices over your eyes for maximum relaxation! Scent Notes: Top: Succulent cucumber, Mid: Honeydew melon & water lily Dry: Wild violet petals, Velvety & Sweet Musk



Book the trip to the Caribbean, NOW! Because that's what she's giving. She's giving the first blissful, beachside sip of an exotic coconut cocktail, luxuriously swirling with velvety vanilla cream, an array of lush tropical fruits, and succulent, ripe pineapple. She's giving sun-bronzed skin after a day in the sun, GLOWING and ready for a night out for more creamy blends of the tropics. Scent notes Top: Tropical fruits, Rum Punch Mid: Ripe Pineapple, Coconut Milk  Dry: Tonka Bean, Sweet Vanilla


Our sweetheart of the collection, she is giving sweeter than sweet can be, delicious blueberry jammy goodness. Almost giving dark, deep purple grape candies, this Blueberry delight has strong notes of syrup and freshly-made summertime jam. It's a straightforward scent that DELIVERS! Scent Notes: Top: succulent berries & whipped meringue  Mid: Blueberry swirl & Strawberry cream Dry: Whipped Vanilla Bean & Brown Sugar