Braid Out vs Twist Out


At Canvas Beauty, we’re always looking for better ways to nourish and style gorgeous curly hair. Our goal is to show you just how amazing you can feel with just the right products to enhance your head-to-toe beauty. With that being said, here’s are some hairstyle tips on doing a braid out vs. a twist out. Both can give you perfect curls and waves with these two very popular hairstyles and are achieved in different ways using the best of Canvas Beauty Hair Care Sets. Let’s get started and you can decided your desired style! 


What Is a Braid Out?


A perfect braid out is a very easy style to do on natural hair curls. The purpose of a braid out is to enhance the hair into an even wave pattern, or curl pattern, all over the head from roots to tips. Plus, you can also style the braid outs into any style you like, including high or low pugs, half-up and half-down, and even tie the hair into an easy-to-wear bun.  

As a versatile hairstyle, you’ll find that when you take out the braids, it renders your hair into such a pretty wavy look that you’ll get compliments wherever you go. Plus, it helps that putting the hair into a braid to create the braid out will prevent you from using hot tools or heat on your hair, since the undone braids will stretch the hair with curl definition, making it look even longer. 

Advantages of a Braid Out

The advantage of a braid out is that it can make your hair look longer and more stretched out. Tight curls tend to spring up and make your hair look short. Using the braid out as a technique to style the hair is an easy way to give it a longer curl pattern.  

Another advantage to the braid-out style when done on wet or damp hair is that the end result is less frizzy and have less stray hair strands than with dry hair . The tight French braids coax the hair into a gentle wavy pattern that isn’t as susceptible to the elements. So, you don’t have to worry about the heat and humidity turning your hair into a frizzy mess. It will be smooth in that wave pattern especially when you use Canvas Beauty’s Hair Care Sets in the process of styling it. 

The best news with a braid out is this style can last for quite a few days, especially if you protect the wave pattern at night with a silk scarf wrapped around your head or a mulberry silk or satin sleep bonnet. 

Disadvantages of a Braid Out

There are some disadvantages to a braid out which you may not want to deal with depending on your schedule. If you put your braid into wet hair, sometimes it can take up to two days for your hair to dry, leaving a long drying process. That means the next day you’ll need to have your hair in some kind of protective style or bun waiting for it to dry before you can undo it.  

Another disadvantage is that it also takes a bit of time to undo them if you’ve done quite a few braids all over your head. You can’t rush this process if you want to make sure that your hair remains in a frizz-free wave pattern. If you rush through this process, you risk disrupting the pattern, so it’s not uniform all over the head. Take care when taking out your braids to make the braid out look as beautiful as possible. 

How to Create the Perfect Braid Out Using Canvas Beauty Products

Achieving the perfect braid out can happen after treating your hair right from start to finish. That means having the best Canvas Beauty Hair Care Sets to get you started on your way to queen-worthy hair. Our Canvas Beauty Queen Starter Set is your first step. In our signature pink bottles or clear bottles for a more minimalist look, the Queen Starter Set includes the Full Bloom Amplifying Shampoo and Conditioner, which give you longer, shinier, healthier, and thicker hair.

The third product of this beneficial trio is the Hair Blossom Serum. It’s chock full of nourishing ingredients, like rosemary flower oil, flaxseed, and castor oil. There are many ways to use this product, but for a braid out, apply it after you shampoo and condition on damp hair before doing your braids. It works amazingly for protective styles and will help to leave your hair in better condition with less frizz. 

If you want even more hydration for smoother smooth waves, add the Canvas Beauty Signature Argan Oil before styling. It works on any hair type to help tame hair and adds softness and beneficial moisture. Your hair will look shiny and healthy after each use before doing your braid outs or braid hairstyle. 

What Is a Twist Out?


Twist outs are similar to braid outs in that you put them in all over your head. The only difference is that you are twisting and securing sections of the hair instead of making braids. The end result is a beautiful curl pattern that will set overnight. In the morning, you take them out to experience the glory of your naturally 4c hair with even defined curls all over your head.  

The goal with a great twist out is to unify the hair’s texture since most hair doesn’t dry into an even wave pattern. Doing a twist out will allow the hair to be more beautifully even in glorious tighter curls. From classic flat twists to a two strand twist, let your hair feel its best.

Advantages of a Twist Out

A twist out is a low maintenance, low-manipulation way to encourage beneficial hair growth. You don’t have to use hot tools or heat to enhance the waves since the twists will encourage that on their own. Compared to braid outs, a twist out takes less time to install and take down.

You can also wear the twist outs when going about your day because they look nice on their own as a protective style, so you do not have to worry about drying time. You can wear them half up or half down, or in a bun, just like braids. Take the twists out whenever you want to wear your hair loose and curly. You get several days’ worth of great-looking hairstyles without having to wash your hair again. 

Disadvantages of Twist Out

The main disadvantage of a twist out is that there is quite a bit of shrinkage. So, if you are looking to make the hair length look as long as possible, it’s a little harder to accomplish with twist outs.

Plus, you really have to take the time to unravel each twist out with care in order to prevent frizz or too much of a disruption to the wave pattern. The twist out can get frizzy fast if you don’t have patience removing them. You also have to be careful about how you sleep on a twist out. The twist out doesn’t keep its wave pattern quite as well as a braid out in most cases. Try to sleep with a silk scarf or satin bonnet for best results.  

How to Create the Perfect Twist Out Using Canvas Beauty Products

To get a perfect twist out, you’ll want to use one of our best Canvas Beauty Hair Care Sets for the best results. Get your hair in the best condition possible by using our Moolah Royale Set for hair that shines like a diamond! This set includes the Moisture Moolah Galore Shampoo and Conditioner, the Moisture Moolah Galore Drench, and the Moisture Moolah Bloom Glaze to condition your hair and get it ready for the ultimate twist outs. 


The Moisture Moolah Galore Drench will add shine, prevent breakage, and encourage healthy hair growth with ingredients like argan oil, grapeseed, and almond oil.  


The Moisture Moolah Bloom Glaze goes even further to prevent frizz and is the product you need to prep your hair for twist outs or braid outs. It’s exclusive to the Moolah Royale Set, great for all hair types, and will allow your hair to blossom into its fullest potential.  

Which Style Lasts Longer?

Which style lasts longer, twist outs or braid outs? The answer is a little tricky. In general, braid outs last longer than most twist outs since the braiding tends to more significantly impact the hair for longer. A twist out tends to unravel the wave pattern just a bit quicker. 

Keep in mind that everyone’s hair behaves differently. The only way to truly find out which style works better for you and lasts longer is to try both and see the different results. That way you’ll understand which lasts longer and what wave pattern you like better for your own head of radiant hair. 

Which Style Is Better?

Which style is better depends on your specific hair type, hair texture, and the look you’re trying to achieve. For both, be ready to have a leave-in conditioner, a spray bottle, hair gel, hair ties, and a scarf. Regardless of the style you prefer, use Canvas Beauty products in your daily hair care routine for deep conditioning and styling with beneficial oils. Our team of beauty experts are ready to help you blossom into the highest version of yourself!


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