Hey guys!

Stormi here, CEO & Founder of Canvas Beauty.

These past couple of weeks have been incredible.

Canvas Beauty launched a brand new product line, we had a massive sale…

...and I had my baby shower!

I’m going to share the details and a BRAND NEW video of the event with you.

But first, for those of you reading who aren’t familiar with my story… it is:




I grew up in Mississippi.


I wasn’t born into wealth - from the very beginning I knew my dreams would only become a reality if I took action.


Tired of college, I dropped out to become a hairstylist.


I worked hard to be the best hairstylist I could possibly be.


And, I made it!


I even owned my own hair salon.


From working with so many clients, I learned everything there was to know about hair… 


...especially black women’s hair!


I knew there was a major gap in the market.


All hair companies and products up until that point were designed for a certain hair type, not for us black girls!


I started experimenting with different formulas and blends intended for hair like mine.


My thinking was this:


“Hair is hair for ALL people!”


So, I made it my life’s mission to develop a product that would transform the hair and lives of ladies who looked like me.


And after plenty of testing, trials, and experimenting...




The secret ingredient came to me in a dream one night.


The ingredient?


Cayenne pepper!


I introduced this into my blend and the results were INCREDIBLE!!


I had a serum that was restoring and revitalizing the hair of my clients…


...and this serum would go on to change the hair and lives of women all over the world…


...and launched me - and Canvas Beauty Brand - into the spotlight of the hair care industry!




Today, my Hair Blossom Serum is the leading product in its category.


The popularity of the serum has exploded Canvas Beauty into the limelight, and we have never stopped introducing new product lines and sets since!


We receive thousands of success stories from our Canvas Ladies, sending us pictures of incredible hair transformations that would have never been possible with any other brand.


Canvas Beauty has far surpassed anything I thought possible…


...and we’re only just getting started.




The fame of Canvas Beauty has changed my life forever.


I’ve been featured in publications like Forbes and Business Insider


...and every month I reach new milestones and business progress.


According to Forbes, I am “one of less than 4% of Black female entrepreneurs who have surpassed the $1 million mark with their businesses”.


This isn’t just an achievement for me, but an achievement for black women everywhere!


This is the reason I founded The Dream Girl Society, to help other women - like me - achieve their dreams!


We put on webinars and events to show ladies that anyone can reach their dreams… all it takes is the right mindset.


If you asked me 10 years ago if my life would be like it is today?


I would have said “HECK NO!”


But anything is possible… me.


And all that said, there’s something else in my life that’s even more exciting that I want to share with you today…


...I’m starting a family!




My husband Courtney - COO of Canvas Beauty - and I have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy.


This is our first child, and I could not be more grateful!


All the business success and Canvas Beauty journey don’t even come close to this.


We’ve wanted to start a family forever, and the journey to this pregnancy has been the most difficult of my entire life.


But, we made it!


I feel truly honored and proud of who I am today, and am SO thankful that I have two families now… my own, and my Canvas Family!


So, since my Canvas Ladies are such a big part of my life…


…I wanted to share a video of the baby shower with you!


I recently posted this on Instagram, but in case you missed it:



The event was incredible.


We were surrounded by great family and friends, and it was truly a humbling experience.


(if I had it my way, I would have invited each and every one of you reading this… but no location in history would be big enough to fit us all!)


I hope you enjoy the video recap


...and lastly, THANK YOU.


I love each and every one of you.


Don’t worry - we aren’t slowing down.


Big things are coming for Canvas Beauty…


...stick around and you’ll see. ;)




Our store has products for ALL hair types.


Shampoos, conditioners, serums, sprays, mists… 


...we have it all!


We even have body scrubs and facial products!


And we literally just dropped our very first styling line, which you need to check out.


Visit us at the Canvas Beauty store to start your hair transformation today.


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