Meet our CEO - Stormi Steele

Stormi is a natural hair care stylist, most known for her healthy hair care practices, and her ability to help her clients achieve long lengths in a short time frame. She began making her own hair care products in 2012, and by 2015, with the help of her products alone, Stormi was able to go from a pixie cut to mid back length. She knew then it was time for her to not only share her products with her clients, but to share them with the world. Since its release, CANVAS BEAUTY has helped thousands of women and men restore their confidence in their hair. Her mission is to reach as many people as possible, and always provide the best quality products that actually produce results.

What is our fearless founder Stormi most known for?

"I’m most known for having more heart, but I am just as serious about my products. I created one of our best selling products, CANVAS HAIR GROWTH SERUM, that has helped with hair loss due to major health issues. Even when doctors and dermatologists said that a person’s hair wouldn't grow back, my products worked for them.

Overall, my products increases the health of hair for everyone and who doesn’t want to have healthier hair? People also quickly learn about me that I put God first in everything, and I love to teach and give knowledge to the people who need that confirmation and it never goes unnoticed. Often times, people look to me just for motivation and inspiration and I’m thankful to be able to provide that for them as well."

Be a Canvas Girl

A female is the perfect canvas.

She has the natural gift of beauty.

Her beauty can never be diminished, only enhanced.

And when she blossoms, she can be whatever she wants to be.