A Look At Canvas Beauty’s Body Products!

A Look At Canvas Beauty’s Body Products!

Hey Beautiful!

As you probably already know…

Canvas Beauty is first & foremost a haircare brand.

I was a hairstylist before I ever became an entrepreneur. I’ve always been fascinated by hair, and absolutely looooved helping my stylist clients look & feel their best!

Eventually, I formulated a certain hair growth serum that was one of the most potent I had ever seen…

...and I started ‘testing’ it on my clients, with incredible results!

And that serum - which is now our signature Canvas Hair Blossom Serum - started Canvas Beauty as you know it today…

And the rest is history.

(by the way - if you wanna hear more of this backstory? Check this article out!)

Canvas Beauty has continued to release some of the best hair & beauty products on the market for black women…

But did you know we’ve expanded into body products as well?

That’s right!

We want our Canvas Ladies to look and feel their best…

This is why we also have multiple products lines that aren’t just for hair - but the body as well!

And today, I wanted to show you all of our body product lines!

Let’s get into it…

Glow Complex Caviar Black Soap Bar

This is one versatile soap bar.

With ingredients like honey, shea butter, cocoa pod ash, and other all-natural ingredients…

This soap hydrates your skin like no other.

And the best part:

This soap goes a loooong way.

All you need is a little pinch per use - nothing more, nothing less.

Canvas Ladies have told us a single bar lasts months (and even a year or more).

Plus, regular use of our Caviar Black Soap Bar helps with black marks, acne, hyperpigmentation, and scars.

The soft texture of this bar is an absolute joy to use & leaves you looking and smelling good all day long.


Due to high demand, this original Canvas Beauty soap bar is often sold out.

But the good news?

Because it lasts so long, all you need is one or two bars to last you until the next restock.

You can check our current availability for the Caviar Black Soap Bar right here!


We released two body scrubs earlier this year…

And the feedback was insane!

Ladies LOVE these scrubs. Each one has its own special concoction of ingredients that hydrate & heal your skin all over…

And both smell absolutely delicious in their own way!

Here’s what makes each scrub different…

AMAZING Matcha Scrub

The ‘amazing matcha scrub’ is the antidote to dry or damaged skin.

The matcha powder, natural oils, extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients within work to both smooth and hydrate your skin while also combatting acne. 

Also, thanks to the pure matcha powder, the ‘amazing matcha scrub’ protects your skin from the sun, chemicals, pollution, and other hazards which ultimately prevents sunspots, wrinkles, and photo-aging.

You have to try it yourself to experience the invigorating benefits of matcha on your skin!

Check availability for the ‘AMAZING Matcha Scrub’ right here.

COOL Coffee Scrub

Coffee is an incredibly popular ingredient in the beauty industry, and for good reason - it has a ton of incredible health benefits.

Made from pure coffee extract, the ‘cool coffee scrub’ works to invigorate and replenish your body like no other. 

The ingredients within work to give you firmer, smoother, wrinkle-free, and moisturized skin. 

Also, the ‘cool coffee scrub’ boosts collagen and helps to increase circulation all over your body, which helps give you a smooth and even skin tone!

Check availability for the COOL Coffee Scrub’ right here.

Oh yeah, and if you want to try both scrubs?

(highly recommended!)

You can grab both scrubs - at a discount - in our bundle pack right here.

(BRAND NEW) Body Butters

We call these ‘Body Butters’ for a reason…

These buttery-smooth lotions are incredibly hydrating & healing for your body and skin!

Body Butters are brand new. We only launched these recently, and the reviews so far have been fantastic. 

Canvas Ladies looove this new body product line from Canvas Beauty...

And I think you will, too :)

We offer three delicious Body Butters, each with its own primary ingredient:

  • Dream Explosion Body Butter
  • Lavender Soul Body Butter
  • Adore Me Blossom Body Butter

Luckily, you don’t have to ‘guess’ which butter you like best.

You can get our 2 oz sample pack - just enough to try each variety!

And if you’re ready to go all-in, and want to stock up for months to come?

You can buy our larger bundle pack. Get all 3 Body Butter ‘flavors’ in larger 8 oz jars right here.

Make sure to let me know how you like our brand new Body Butters :)

Shop Canvas Beauty Body

So there ya have it!

A brief look at all the fantastic & delicious body products we offer here at Canvas Beauty.

While thick, long, & beautiful hair will always be our #1 priority…

...Canvas Beauty is devoted to helping ladies look and feel their best in every single way.

Don’t forget to give your body the care it deserves!

Check out our wide range of body products right here.


  • Stormi Steele


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