An Exclusive Look Inside “The Canvas Beauty Society”

An Exclusive Look Inside “The Canvas Beauty Society”

Hey Girl!

Have you joined the Canvas Beauty Society yet?

If you haven’t heard of it…

...this is THE best Facebook Group to join for all things Canvas Beauty Brand.

Me - Stormi Steele - personally post updates, news, how-to’s, giveaways, sales, restock alerts, and other Canvas Beauty-related stuff inside the group.

If you’re interested in joining - click here to do it.

And if you want, allow me to show you ‘inside’ the Society… you can see just what you’re missing :)

Time-Sensitive News

Society members get frequent updates about all things Canvas Beauty before everyone else!

This means:

  • News
  • Announcements
  • Updates
  • Restock alerts

As you know, whenever we do a restock?

Most items sell out in a matter of hours… and sometimes minutes!

For example, if we restock Vitamins or Drench - it’s literally a race to the checkout.

Canvas Beauty Society members get restock alerts before anyone else. This means they get to mark their calendars and beat everyone else to the punch…

So if you want to grab our limited supply product drops?

Get inside the Society!

I also post upcoming sales as well…

PLUS - other time-sensitive updates & announcements that no one else outside of the society gets to see… this restock:


And ‘sneak peeks’ at upcoming collections or new products...

And that’s not all…

Exclusive Content

Every so often, I personally drop text & video content.

For example - I posted a video tutorial on how to use our Hair Follicle Booster properly.

My goal is to give you the BEST possible experience with our products.

To get the most out of Canvas Beauty, you have to be inside the Society!

You can watch this video - along with others - right here.

And it gets even better...


Inside the Canvas Beauty Society, we do TONS of giveaways.


We’ve already given away $1000’s to Canvas Girls for posting Before/Afters, following us on Tik Tok, and more…

...and we’re only just getting started :)

We have LOTS of new giveaways in the works - join The Society today so you don’t miss out!


You’ve heard me say this a million times before…

Canvas Beauty is more than just a brand - it’s a family.

The Canvas Beauty Society is your chance to ‘mingle’ with over 12,400 other Canvas Ladies!

Inside the Society, we’re always discussing fun things - hair-related or otherwise - and we want YOU to join in on the fun!

Join The Canvas Beauty Society

The Society is a private Facebook Group.

Everyone who wants in needs to apply.

And we have to accept every single Canvas Girl individually - which takes time!

The sooner you apply, the sooner we can let you in :)

Go here to apply now and join in on the fun!


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