Hair Blossom Serum 2.0!!!

Hair Blossom Serum 2.0!!!

Introducing Canvas Beauty’s newest…

Hair Blossom Serum 2.0!!!


Yes, it’s true...

We released a follow-up to our Hair Blossom Serum!

Serum 2.0 is here and available for purchase in the Canvas Beauty Store.

(while supplies last)

The serum is our flagship product. It’s saved the hair of women all over the world, s you know we had to drop a follow-up!

If you’re not familiar with this magical serum, let me tell you a story…

The Origin Story

Years ago, I was working as a hairstylist.

I LOVED my job.

Every day, I got to style hair and help my clients LOOK & FEEL better about themselves.

My passion for the hair industry started early…

And I was finally living the dream!

Naturally, hair was my life. It was on my mind 24/7 and was all I thought about. 

It was on my mind so much I actually had a dream about hair!

In this dream, an incredible ingredient came to me:

Cayenne Pepper.

See, lots of my clients were losing their hair.

(due to braids, styling, and more - many black women share these hair thinning issues!)

It was my life’s mission to fix this problem that so many of us faced…

And so I created a serum.

The serum worked great, but when I added Cayenne Pepper - the ingredient that came to me in a dream?

The results were next level!

And So Canvas Beauty Was Born...

Years later, my original serum has helped 100,000’s of women around the world save their hair.

(we’ve had ladies go from fully bald to full heads of hair, fill in bald spots, accelerate stagnant hair growth, and more!)

It’s Canvas Beauty’s highest-selling product and a leading seller in its category.

The serum is what put us on the map. It’s why we’re selling on Amazon (and soon to be BIG retailers). It’s also why I’ve been featured in publications like Business Insider and Forbes…


And it’s the reason we receive thousands of amazing Before & After hair journeys like these:



It only made sense that after TONS of new products, lines, and bundles…

...Canvas Beauty released a Hair Blossom Serum 2.0.

The Newest Canvas Beauty Item Available NOW!

Canvas Hair Blossom Serum is here.

Now, I have to explain something:

Serum 2.0 is not a replacement for the original serum.

In fact, for best results?

You should be using both serums together!

(and you can use Serum 2.0 along with our other Canvas Beauty products for longer, thicker, and healthier hair)

Serum 2.0 is simply an enhancer or booster version of our very first serum.

Hair Blossom Serum 2.0 has:

  • A pleasant & intoxicating smell (that leaves your hair smelling fresh all day long)
  • A completely new blend hair-growth formula (Serum 2.0 contains some new ingredients that give you stunning hair results- combine this with our original serum for an incredibly potent formula & visible hair growth in just weeks!)
  • An entirely new consistency (if you thought the original serum was too thick, 2.0 is thinner and easier to apply!)
  • An updated bottle design (Serum 2.0 has a brand new bottle and label design - we wanted to keep things fresh!)

And that’s that!

Try Serum 2.0 Today

You can use Serum 2.0 by itself as a daily serum only and get GREAT results.

But, the truly incredible results come from combining it with any of our other products! 

You can mix it with everything. The original serum, shampoo, conditioner, and follicle booster… it doesn’t matter!

Serum 2.0 will supercharge Canvas Beauty products, giving you healthier, silkier, shinier, smoother, thicker, fuller, and longer hair for LIFE!

You have to experience Serum 2.0 for yourself.

Find it in the Canvas Beauty store today.


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