How To Keep your Hair Moisturized

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Making Sure Your Hair Retains Moisture

We all know that one of the keys to seeing healthy hair results is keeping our hair well moisturized. Here are a few tips to moisturize your hair and retain that moisture.

1. Use water based products 

The number one rule to making sure your hair is well moisturized is the products that you’re using. You always want to ensure that water is one of the top ingredients in your products. Make sure that you’re using a water based product to achieve moisture. Contrary to belief water doesn’t dry your hair out but the overuse of water and not following up with the right products can lead to dryness. Water is great to refresh your tresses, just avoid over-washing your hair.

2. Keep your ends trimmed. 

When you keep your hair free from damaged ends this helps to avoid the bad ends taking all the moisture that should be going to the healthy moisturized hair. Dry ends could stop your products from fulfilling their purpose, causing your hair to lose moisture quicker than usual.

3. Use moisturizing oils to stimulate hair growth.

Though there are some moisturizing oils, which help to penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize it, most other oils are sealing oils that help to retain the moisture. Use moisturizing oils to stimulate hair growth by using it on your scalp and sealing oils for locking in your moisture. You can also use oils for hot oil and deep treatments.

4. Deep condition your hair regularly. 

Making deep conditioning a part of your hair routine will help restore the life in your hair. Deep conditioning increases moisture and improves the strength of your hair  while preventing future damage.

5. Sleep with a satin bonnet or pillow 

Every single night or even when you’re just lounging around the house to keep that crown protected. Don’t sleep how Craig’s sister was sleeping on Friday. No, but really to protect your hair and avoid split ends invest in a satin pillowcase or bonnet.

6. Use little to no heat. 

You can opt for no heat but every now and then you may want to do a length check or you enjoy having a good blow-out. Using minimal heat will ensure to help you retain moisture. When using heat always make sure to deep condition and use heat protectant so you can ensure to keep your hair’s health.

7. Keep your hands out of your hair! 

Trust, we all know it’s hard to resist touching your curls when you’re feeling yourself. If you want to keep that moisture remind yourself to look but don’t touch. The more you touch your hair, especially after completing a style, the more you cause frizz and sometimes even breakage. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a little frizz especially when it’s your natural texture or you’re wanting to achieve a look but style with a pick instead. Wooden picks are better to use on your hair than plastic, it will help to prevent breakage.

8. Trade your cotton towel for a microfiber towel.

Using a microfiber towel or shirt to dry your hair instead of a cotton towel will avoid excessive dryness and frizz. The microfiber towel will help you prevent breakage as well. When you need your hair to dry quickly, using a microfiber is better than using a blowdryer but if you have time always air-dry. If you absolutely have to use the blow-dryer, use low heat and power.

canvas girl happy laying on bed with moisturized hair

Incorporating these tips into your hair routine will help you moisturize and retain moisture in your hair.  Staying consistent with your hair routine and be mindful of your regime and you won’t be disappointed. Remember that one key to healthy hair is keeping it moisturized. Don’t let your curls stay thirsty my friends, continue to blossom.


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