What’s My Hair Type?

What’s My Hair Type?

3C, 2A, 4B  What’s My Type?

Whether you’re transitioning back to natural, or it’s been a lifetime challenge finding what works for your natural hair; there inevitably comes a time in a girl’s life she asks herself “What is my hair type? And what does it even mean?”.

Well like Saweetie says “That’s My Type!” you’ll be able to scream out your type after reading this short guide to learning your hair type.

A group of canvas girls putting their afros together showing different curl patterns

We've all watched the hair tutorials, searched Pinterest and google searched what’s the best way to take care of our natural hair. With multiple failed trials of YouTube tutorials we give up! We wonder “why didn't my hair turn out like the girl on the screen?” well because you have different hair types , and what works for her may not work for you.

Everyone’s hair is different, similar to the different wavelengths and frequencies. Figuring out your curl pattern will bring clarity to your hair journey. When you embrace and appreciate your hair as it is, it begins to flourish.

Imagine a garden or even your house plants, they all have to be cared for differently. Some plants may not need as much sun as another, and some may even need special nutrients.

A chart of different curl types from 1 to 4C

Our hair needs the same TLC (tender, love and care) that plants need, and each type has individual needs.

For instance heavier and thicker creams work well with the  4A-4C groups, helping to keep their moisturized; people with these hair types don’t have to wash their hair as frequently as others.

The 1A-2C groups can use lighter weight products and should wash their hair frequently to avoid build-up. While the 3A-3C hair types fall in the middle having a mixture of the two depending on the texture of the curls.

Here’s a breakdown of the different curl patterns from 1A-4C in a chart. The curl types/patterns  are in 4 different categories: 1A-1C Straight, 2A-2C Wavy, 3A-3C Wavy/Curly, 4A-4C Curly/Kinky.

If you want your natural curls and kinks to flourish, learn your curl type and find the best regime for YOU!


A canvas girl with type 1 (straight) hair smiling

Beginning with 1A-1C hair types, which are straight strands that can range from having a fine thin texture to coarse. If this is your hair type you want to make sure to wash your hair frequently to avoid having too much build up from a mixture of the products you use and your natural oils. The 1A-1C hair types, ranging from straight pin hair to body and a slight bend, tend to have a natural shine. So when it comes to products, less is best! Avoid overusing thicker creams and look for lighter weight products.  If you do use a thicker serum, such as our Canvas Hair Blossom Serum, its best to use it as a hot oil treatment or for pre-pooing. Styling is best with lighter weight oils, like our Silk Me Please Argan oil and being mindful to use a small amount to ensure you’re not weighing it down.


A Canvas Girl with 2A-2C type (wavy) hair smiling

Next is the 2A-2C hair types who tend to have more waves and subtle to S-shaped curl patterns. These hair types can take little to no manipulation when it comes to achieving a look. Often, ladies with these beautiful beach waves use lightweight creams and mist, which is a definite must have. Using a leave-in conditioner mist, will leave these waves looking hydrated and give it that body you love! If your hair is on the thicker spectrum of the 2A-2C types, then a lightweight cream is really good to keep the hair well moisturized with body. Our Leave-In Conditioning Mist and Leave-In Creme De La Creme are great products for the 2A-2C hair types.


A Canvas Girl with curly hair in the 3A-3C type group

The 3A-3C hair types are  the curls of the 4 groups! From loose S-curl patterns to even tighter corkscrew like curls. This group’s hair tends to be thicker with  a lot of volume. Though the curls are very similar each type has its special needs. For finer curls less products are better, and similar to the 2 Types, does very well with leave in conditioner mists. If you decide to shampoo always use a sulfate free shampoo but there’s no need to wash as frequently with shampoo because you don’t want to strip your natural oils. Opt for co-washing and between wash days refresh your curls using leave-in conditioner creme or mist.


A Canvas Girl with curly/kinky hair in the 4A-4C hair type

The 4A-4C hair typesare the ones that truly defy gravity. Hair reaching to the sky, the 4 Types have tightly coiled curls to a true afro with no definite curls, reflecting more of a Z pattern. With very strong kinks that flourish when you find a routine and products that work best for you. A weekly routine for this group is deep conditioning when needed and using the LOC method when styling. The LOC method is: leave-in conditioner, oil and creme. When applying products make sure to allow 3-5 minutes between each product application. Switching up your style by going back and forth with your wash and gos, twist-outs and protective styles will make sure you’re keeping your ends clean and hair moisturized. Thicker cremes and rich leave-in conditioners are 4 Types’ best friends.

A Collage of Canvas Girls showing different hair types from 1 to 4C types

Pictures L to R : 1A-1C, 2A-2C, 3A-3C, Bottom Row 3C/4A-4C

Whether your hair has no curl pattern at all or you have curls for days, always remember to love your crown and there’s Beauty in Every Curl and Kink of You!


  • Shalanda Carr on

    When I first start using your product my hair was 3B or 3C after using your product my hair is a 4A. I’ve always want it thicker hair and using your products helped achieve that goal now I’m trying to figure out how to deal with 4A hair. I just wear one of your articles that explained the different types of hair and how to manage it I really appreciate that that would really help congratulations on your new baby to come May God bless you and your family with love peace finances and blessings.

    Shalanda Carr
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    I love Canvas Brand products! I received my first order on March 22nd which included the kit with the growth serum and shampoo and conditioner. Just one week later I saw a big difference in my hair thickness and length!. I am so excited about the products. After showing my family the results 3 of them order the kits🌸 I have over 5000 friends on Facebook! I will do review soon!

    Thank you Stormy for creating these awesome products!

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    I’m just starting to use these products I’m excited to see where my hair blossoms !

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