How Great it is to be a Woman

Two Canvas Girls with big Afros

Celebrating Being a Woman

“Who runs the world? GIRLS!”- Queen Bey. It’s women’s history month  and what a time it is to be a woman. All around the world, we are leading in the workplace, education and entrepreneurship. It’s safe to say we’ll always lead in the beauty industry. Since a young girl we’ve had the luxury of dressing up and wearing various hairstyles through adolescence. Throughout time women have made statements with their hair. Coco Chanel once said “ A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” The time has come, women are taking over their lives and no longer living by the standards of society.

There’s power in our hair. Our hair has even made political stances. In the corporate world and schools. Yet it seems so simple, right? Well, it’s not as simple as you would think. Children are told they can’t wear their hair in its natural state at school, yes it’s actually a part of some schools’ policies, and it’s  a legitimate reason to refuse employment. Shifting their perspectives some states have passed laws banning hair discrimination in schools and the workforce. That seems like a pretty big statement. That’s power! Do you know the special power you possess in your flawless beauty and it’s individuality? Your natural raw beauty, in all the various textures, is beautiful. Yeah that’s right, you’re kind of a big deal!

A Canvas Girl with long cornrows 

As we continue to make history our crowns continue to evolve. From the beginning of time hair was a language in many cultures. Over a thousand years ago we have worn our hair as a representation of royalty and status. Whether it be with high volume or protected with cloth for spiritual purposes, hair is deeper than roots. Staying true to their roots Africans and Indigenous people searching for freedom used their hair as a tool, known as braid pattern, to send secret messages and guides to a better life. In the late 60s through the 70s we returned to our natural state accepting who we are and where we’ve come from.  Till this day we continue to rock these styles and wear them proudly as an honor to our ancestors and of course for the aesthetics. Not only are we making history with the barriers we’re breaking in the corporate world but we’re doing it with style. Being proud of our crowns in every state, and being unapologetic in the process. Stand in your power Canvas Beauty!

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    This product has done amazing work on my hair. Absolutely love it!

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    I love the hair growth product thank you

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