The DREAM in You!

The DREAM in You!

Would you believe me if I told you each and every single one of us were put here for a specific purpose? And the unfortunate truth of it is that most of us will never fulfill that purpose. There are many reasons why this is so. Reasons such as fear, uncertainty of the future, learned behaviors, and a negative mindset are all common factors that can block us from reaching our highest self, but at any given moment we can combat those factors and change the course of our lives. That dream, that feeling in your gut that you can't stop thinking of is your purpose calling you and in honor of MLK day I encourage you to feed that dream a little bit, each and every day until it grows like a baby and gets bigger and bigger. So, GO FOR IT! Put actions behind your dreams without fear. After all, fear is not real. To help make the idea of this easier, let me give you a bit of backstory on myself.

I've always been a dreamer, but in the past I'd always allowed the opinion of others to dictate the course of my life. I went to college because my parents had that vision for me, even though my gut told me that I wouldn't find my purpose there. Yet, I went anyway because that was what was expected of me. The good thing is God always has a way of showing us a sign to nudge us back on track to our purpose, and the best thing in my situation was, I LISTENED. I was a junior in college with 23 hrs left to go and a 3.7 GPA when I chose to rock the title of college dropout. The closer I got to graduating, the more depressed I became. I was at the lowest point of my life, and literally a day away from taking my life. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was soo overwhelmed and felt completely out of options when I decided to pick up my bible. I can't remember the verse I read, but that night I went to sleep and had the most vivid dream ever, I knew i was suppose to be a hairstylist. I knew my business name and my mission statement. I woke up inspired and wrote it all down. Everything revealed to me in that dream was super clear. The only thing that was not revealed was the HOW, but deep down it didn't matter because that one dream brought me PEACE and gave me the edge I needed to step out on faith and make moves from the heart. I never looked backed after that day, and I knew no one could dictate my future but me. If I wanted to live my life fulfilled, I had to do what felt right.

A fire lit inside of me that night and it has been burning bright every since. Now, 10 years later, I'm able to retire from being a hairstylist at the age of 30 and be a full time entrepreneur, my products help millions of women all over the world, I'm able to pour into other people financially and spiritually, and I get to do God's work everyday. It was all apart of God's purpose for me, and it was all always connected to that dream in my heart. But what if I had not have acted?? What would have happened? Where would I be? Would all the women who my products help have found a solution? I could literally ask a million questions to drive home the point of how important it is to act on your dreams! Your purpose is so much greater than YOU, and when you begin to act without fear and feed your dreams, you can change the world. So, DREAM GIRL and dream BIG. Anything you can image is real and this world needs you to reach your full potential! #dreamgirl  




  • Nina on

    Thanks so much for your empowering testimony. Peace, Blessings and Divine prosperity always. I can’t wait to receive my products 🙌🙏🙌

  • Audrey on

    Just made my first purchase and I am anxiously waiting for my Pink kit to arrive. I have been looking to buy your products for almost a year now, and sent my husband in the hunt when he went on a business trip in the states last year. I feel so good about your products and feel like a lot of black women here in Europe can benefit tremendously from having them in the European market. I have been thinking a being a brand ambassador and I wouldn’t mind opening a little online store selling your products. I love your story ❤️

  • Vickie Benton on

    I remember my great grandma hair down to butt
    That’s how long I want dream to grow my hair yes
    I dream in wish in pray to loose 100 pounds in to
    Grow my hair down to my butt with the canvas hair growth

  • Lennita utley on

    Stormi is nothing but greatness. She gave me motivation to go after anything I want, after reading her story. OH! And I talk to her she’s an pure angel!! 🙏🏾Her Products works miracles a must try.

  • Monique Johnson on

    I am so inspired and encouraged by your story. I too have had a similar encounter with the spirit of God where I know he put a dream in my heart and I have begun acting on it praise God I just now need to put total focus on it. Thank you for sharing your story and for what you were doing for women around the world. I’ve ordered your products and I cannot wait to see the results.

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