Yes, you heard that right!

We are giving away an insane all-expenses-paid trip to Miami!

This is by far the biggest giveaway we’ve done…

...and today, I’m gonna share with you:

  • The details of the Giveaway
  • How you can get entered to win
  • The news about my upcoming Birthday Sale!

  • Let’s get into it…


    Free Trip To Miami Beach For Two!

    Ahhh, Miami Beach!


    This is one of the hottest destinations in the good ol’ USA.


    Known for the weather, beaches, and nightlife, Miami has exploded this year as one of the fastest-growing cities in the entire country!


    If you’re the big winner?


    Make sure to pack your bikini, because all you’ll want to do is sit by the beach and drink margaritas.


    This will be an incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating getaway!


    And it gets better…


    ...I’m not just flying you out, but giving you an extra ticket as well!


    This can be for your partner, friend, family member… it’s entirely up to you.


    Oh yeah, and you won’t be flying economy - the winner of this Giveaway get’s two first-class airline tickets, baby!

    You’ll be flying to one of the hottest vacation spots in luxury and style.


    And here’s the last thing:


    The winner will also be given $1000… cash!

  • Dining out
  • Shopping
  • Nightclubbing

    Anything you want to spend the cash on?


    It’s yours. 


    The only thing I recommend NOT spending the cash on is hotels…


    ...because we got you covered on that, sis!


    The winner will also get 3 nights in a lavish hotel in downtown Miami.


    To recap, the winner of this huge getaway will get:


  • Two first-class flight tickets to Miami (from wherever you live!)
  • Three nights in a lavish Downtown Miami hotel 
  • $1000 cash to spend however you please!

    Like I said, this is the biggest giveaway we’ve ever done.


    So, now you know the details…

  you want to know how you can enter?

    Get Entered To Win… Just By Shopping Canvas Beauty!!




    All you have to do to get entered in the raffle is:


  • Buy at least ONE item from the Canvas Beauty Store
  • Purchase must be made between August 3rd-22nd

    That’s it!


    It’s really that simple.


    And, it gets even better…

    Get 50% Off Storewide on August 3rd!


    That’s right!


    My birthday is on August 3rd, and we are throwing one of our biggest sales ever!


    For just 33 minutes on the date, we will have:

  • 50% Off Storewide (every item!)
      • a FULL Sitewide Restock
  • BRAND NEW Canvas Beauty products
    • Limited Edition Items 

    So, not only do you get to shop this once-in-a-lifetime sale…

    ...but you’ll also get entered to win a free all-expenses-paid trip to Miami for two!!

    And like I said, this sale will ONLY be on for 33 Minutes!

    The starting time:

    August 3rd @ 12 PM CST.

    (we expect almost immediate sell-outs - most shoppers will have items in their carts ready to check out when the clock strikes noon!)

    If I were you?

    I’d mark my calendar, sis’!

    You won’t want to miss this one :)

    Get Exclusive Content & Stay Up-To-Date On Canvas Beauty

    We have an application-only Facebook Group called The Canvas Beauty Society.


    This is where we share:


  • Discussions with other Canvas Ladies
  • Exclusive content (pics, videos, & posts)
  • Canvas Beauty news & updates
  • Early access to sales & promotions
  • And much, much more!

    As we get closer to my Birthday Sale, we will be sharing more info about the event (including details about the giveaway, the new items, etc.)


    So, make sure you apply to get in ASAP!


    Join the Canvas Beauty Society today.


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