This month is super special to me and our CANVAS FAMILY!


First, because we always do our annual COO SALE, which is always a big deal. Second, this year, me the CEO of CANVAS BEAUTY am giving our COO the best gift ever!

WE’RE having a BABY!!

And we’re celebrating the whole month!!!!! STARTING WITH a 50% off site-wide sale!!!


I know it’s a super intimate moment, but it was important for me to share it with all of you because the birth of CANVAS BEAUTY made this all possible. Our journey to conceiving was nowhere near an easy process.

Here’s our story.

Courtney and I met in college, and we’ve been together over 12 years. We assumed early on conceiving would be hard and later learned that we had to do an IVF. From the beginning I made a promise that I’d work as hard as I could to be able to conceive. I spent years growing CANVAS BEAUTY to make it a reality.

It first started with me as a stylist spending long hours standing behind the chair to the point where Courtney would have to physically carry me out of the car. Every painful day I thought to myself, it’ll all be worth it in the end. Not only was I working towards a manifestation that God put on my heart, but I was also fulfilling Gods plan for my life by being a servant and boosting the self-esteem of women, all the while inspiring them along the way! Every painful day I just kept thinking about how much good was being done and how one day God would allow us to conceive, afford IVF, and be able to take time off to get through it. I had that goal in my mind for years and in 2020 God allowed all the hard work to pay off!

We started the IVF process in Sept 2020. It’s been one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much! Being able to be in this moment right now and sharing it with you all, who I consider Cyber TeeTees mean everything.


All of you made this possible by supporting CANVAS BEAUTY!!


It also feels pretty darn great to know our COO is having the best birthday month EVER!!


I’ll be sure to keep you all updated and I hope you are celebrating with us!!


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