Why is deep conditioning important?!?!

deep conditioner

We wash our hair at night, and make it a priority to brush it before walking out the door every single morning. Deep conditioning is life!!

We do this routine so often that we sometimes never stop to realize that we’re damaging our hair over time by washing, styling, heat-pressing, etc. We put our hair through a lot at times, so with that being said, I have a question that you might need to ask yourself next time you’re styling your hair in the mirror. “Have you deep conditioned lately?”

The results of implementing a deep conditioner in your hair can reduce thread damage over the course of time. But wait, there are more benefits to come!

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What are the key benefits of deep conditioning?

  • to prevent breakage and damage over time
  • to restore the natural balance of proteins and moisture in your hair
  • to help restore natural hair color
  • to hydrate your scalp to prevent dryness and itchiness
  • to soften your hair and give it a healthier texture

How often should you deep condition?

How often you should deep condition depends on your current hair situation. If you’re fighting a battle against dry or damaged hair, try deep conditioning two to three times per week. Once this routine strengthens your hair and you’re starting to feel a healthier texture difference, reduce your deep conditioning regimen to once a week to keep from overwhelming your scalp.

 how to apply deep conditioner

How to apply a deep conditioner, CORRECTLY

“Conditioner” and “Deep Conditioner” are two totally different things. A regular conditioner gently cleanses and conditions your hair, while a deep conditioner plays the role of a treatment that amplifies the healing process from natural breakage; and restores your hair to its healthiest stage.

The order in which you apply your deep conditioner does make a major difference. Start off your wash day with your regular shampoo, follow up with your regular conditioner, and finish it off with your deep conditioner at the end. You should apply your deep conditioner last because it can serve as the final touch to a successful wash, and can also give you a healthier scalp to stimulate your natural hair growth.

In Conclusion

Deep conditioning is a small adjustment that can have a big impact on your journey to obtaining healthier hair. Next time you see one of your friends doing their hair, ask them “Have you deep condition lately?” Share this simple knowledge that we sometimes overlook to help others experience a healthier hair regimen.

“Becky with the good hair wants you to have healthy hair too, so remember there’s beauty in every curl and kink of you!”

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